So tonight I actually had time to write more than usual.

And I was going to write it, until my sister got sick. ;u; 

I'm going to sleep in Dad's room tonight, because it's cooler down there, and it's pretty hot upstairs. //dies

I was planning on writing about the dance and yesterday, but then Melissa got sick, so I kind of just want to go downstairs. I want to take a book and read for a little while, because no-one's there to see the light on and if someone starts coming downstairs, I'll hear them long before they get to the door. uvu But don't tell them I said that. xD

It's really hot today, something like 32 degrees? It doesn't usually get a whole lot hotter than this during the summer, and it's always cooler downstairs rather than upstairs, so if we don't have the air conditioner going, sometimes we just hang out downstairs. owo Today there's a huge temperature difference, upstairs it's almost thirty degrees but downstairs it's only about twenty two or twenty three degrees, which is the usual temperature for the rest of the year.

I'm gonna go for tonight. uvu

Happy Canada Day guys! :D