We're going to a book sale tomorrow. uvu

Yep! We missed it last year, but it really doesn't feel like a year has passed. o.o There's a parade afterwards, and we always get a muffin and something to drink from Tim Hortons before we go to the sale. xD We usually go every year, but we couldn't last year. qoq

I got into Bring Me The Horizon. I can't remember if I've said this already or not, aha. xD But I did. And a couple days ago, the day I couldn't actually write anything blog-entry like, we were in the city and I found Rise Against's new album. I even found a tshirt bundle with it. :D The shirt is insanely soft, and I've been treating it so carefully it's insane. x'D //shot

I don't actually have any other band stuff, aside from the two Hedley lanyards I got the other day, and finding anything even remotely related to the bands I like and it not being a CD is pretty much impossible. ewe

I am getting to telling you about that dance, but the nights I have time I end up on the iPad, so I can't really write anything lengthy, aha. //dies

I don't have any more room on my screen to write. qoq My iPad really hates this thing, ughh.

I have to go. ;=;

Night guys!