This is kind of terrifying.

I can't get into my blog.

It won't connect. I don't know why, but it's really scaring me. ;=; Does anyone know what's going on?

Dear god I hope this posts, I'm going to cry if it doesn't. D:

I'm writing from the 'manage entries' page, I can't write it any other way. But this is really scaring me, I don't know why it's doing this, but my blog still exists (It wouldn't pop up under my username if it didn't. I know that much. ;o;) so I suppose that's good. 

I've tried getting into it from my iPad and my laptop, but I can't get into it either way. My iPad says it can't connect to the server, while my laptop says that it's taking too long to respond.

I have to go for tonight, though, because if Dad sees me still on he'll be mad. //dies

Bye guys! ;u;