I actually wrote an entry in my notebook today.

The last time I used this was back in November. o.o Woah.
But I figured I'd use this for today, I'm in this classroom for the next three hours anyway. xD
It's going to be such a pain to have to type this all out, though I suppose I'll have the time anyway, we still don't have internet at Mum's yet. //throws hands in the air
Hayden's not in my class this year, which is kind of a dissapointment, considering the show he and Stephen usually put on. xD There's only six of us left from last year's year's homeroom- Kayla, Pateena, Zach, Nick, Stephen, Ryan and me. Seven of us are from the other English class from last year, and the rest of us are from a school not far from here, except for Jacob and Ashley. uvu Jacob is re-doing ninth grade, and Ashley is from South Korea. owo
The other Zach did end up coming back here, rather than going to school in Ontario, and Clinton's moved out West.
There's twenty one people in my class this year, including me. uvu
It's just after lunch now. ewe I ended up wasting ten-fifteen minutes trying to get my locker open during lunch, because the dial kept getting stuck on fifteen. D: I did get another lock, though, so that's good. ^^
It's even a Master lock, so it's waaay less crappy than the one I originally had. xD
It's still really hot outside, even though it's September. qoq It's really annoying, because I've been wearing pants instead of shorts to school. //dies
We found out that you get five credits for Microsoft Office from the school for free, which is really great because that's $150 I don't have to pay for! :D I won't have to deal with Notepad anymore, which is even better, aha. xDD
And dA isn't blocked in the computer lab upstairs, so I can check my messages if I want, too. ewe I didn't get the chance to check RES or here yet, I'll probably do that next time. :3

That's as far as I got before we came here. uvu I have to go for tonight, though. D: I'm really tired anyway, so I'm kind of looking forward to sleeping, aha. xD

I'll write more tomorrow. X3

Good night guys! ewe