I'm at camp now! :D

Yessss. uvu I don't have any actual roommates right now, though, except for my sister, because they ran out of room, and we ended up in our own room together. ;u; We might end up moving into another room yet, but we're kinda stuck together for now, aha.

Cody is here though! :D He and I were kinda friends here last year, but we haven't actually talked since then. xD Hopefully we'll be able to talk more and stuff this year~ :3 

Anyway, I'm just writing this while I have a few extra minutes, I think I'm gonna go back downstairs soon to see what's happening and stuff. 030 The internet's not too bad here, it's kinda slow, but all welllll. uvu I'm able to get stuff done on it, so that's good! :3

I think I might stop writing here for now, so I can go back downstairs to see if anyone else I know has gotten here! ;u; I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much time I'm gonna have, aha. xD I'll be starting the classes and stuff tomorrow morning too, so I might have stuff to tell you guys then too! :D I'll be on again tomorrow for sure either way, though~

Bye guys! ^^