I've been catching up on Big Brother Canada. uvu

Yessss. owo Melissa, Mum and I all watch it together, and we ended up behind like three episodes, and we watched all of them today, aha. xD 

It's not really that far into the season yet, but I'm pretty sure I have my favorites picked out already~ uvu They could always change though, but for now I think I have them figured out! -w-

Anyway, I didn't really do a whole lot today! 030 I still have a cold, and my sinuses are starting to have a part in it too, my right cheekbone and part of the right side of my jaw have been sore all day, and then it almost kinda feels like there's some pressure on my right cheekbone too. D: Hopefully that disappears soon, it's really irritating, eeeh. ;u; It's getting kinda late now though, and I'm pretty tired, so I thiink I'm gonna go to bed to try to sleep this off and stuff. uvu

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow! :D I'll be on again then for sure~ X3

Night guys! ^-^