I'm really sore after gym yesterday.. ;u;'

Yeah.. D: I can't move a whole lot without some part of me hurting, aha. ;u; It's mostly my arms and my upper sides that hurt, my legs aren't too bad, so that's good anyway! uvu

I didn't really do a whole lot today, honestly. 030 Dad, Melissa and I all watched The Force Awakens again today though, which was really great! :D I've wanted to see it again for a while aha, and we've got it on DVD now, so I can watch it whenever I want! :3

Anyway, it's already after eight thirty, and I'm going to watch Elementary with Dad, so I have to get off for tonight! ;o; 

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow! ^^ I'll be on again then for sure. X3

Night guys! owo