The wifi here keeps acting up a lot.. xD

Yeah.. 030 It gets reeeally slow out of nowhere, and sometimes it won't load anything at all, which kinda sucks, but ah well. I don't mind a whole lot, I don't get to stay with my aunt and uncle in their camper a whole lot, so not having internet all the time is fine! ^.^ I've been playing with Muggles and Belle, my aunt and uncle's dogs, a bunch today anyway. :3

My aunt helped me offer on a kijiji ad last night for a new ipod, since mine has kiiinda started acting up a lot, and now the screen looks reeally weird. ;o; So hopefully that works out! :D We'd be able to pick it up before I go home too, since the person selling it doesn't live too far from where my aunt and uncle live! ^-^ 

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I want to get this posted before the internet starts acting up again, so I think I'm gonna stop writing for now while the internet seems to be co-operating! ;u; I might get more written here later if the wifi starts working more, but we'll see~ uvu

Either way, I'll be on tomorrow for sure! :D I think I'll have a more stable internet connection then too since I thiink we'll be staying at my aunt and uncle's house, so I'll hopefully get more written here then! ewe

Bye guys! owo