It was definitely a lot nicer out today than it was yesterday. xD

Yeah. x'D It didn't rain at all today, which is really good! :3 I think we had enough rain for a couple days yesterday, ahaha. Hopefully it stays nice tomorrow too! ^^ 

Melissa and I went out and watered all our plants and everything earlier, but I don't think they really needed it after yesterday. 030 A couple of them were still damp, and then the rest I couldn't tell if they were or not. 

I didn't really do a whole lot today, honestly! .3. I did start saving all my past entries here to a flashdrive though, and I got to October 2013, so that's good! ^.^ I might keep going with that tomorrow, I've got a loooong way to go before I get all of them saved, whoops. xD 

I'm not really sure what else to write here tonight since I didn't do a whole lot today, and it's late anyway, so I think I'm just gonna go to bed for tonight. uvu

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! owo

Night guys! ^-^