My legs are so sore after the con. xD

Yeah.. x'D My arms were kinda sore this morning too, but I think they're alright now, so that's good at least! uvu I ended up staying home from school today because of how sore I was, and I pretty much just felt like crap anyway between that and my cold too, ehhh. .3.

I ended up getting a cold overnight too, I had some kind of borderline-cold the whole weekend but that got worse overnight, which kinda sucks. D: I'm glad it didn't get worse until after the con though, being sick during the con would've been really frustrating and disappointing and just would've all-around sucked. xD 

When I get a chance I'll take pictures of the stuff I got at the con and show you guys, too! :3 I'll talk about everything that happened then, too. ^.^ I probably won't be able to post the pictures of everything until Wednesday, though, since both of the prints I bought are back at Mum's, but I'll try to get pictures of those as soon as I can! :D

If I'm on my laptop tomorrow I'll try to tell you guys about the stuff I did then, so hopefully I have a chance to do that tomorrow! X3

Anyway, it's already after nine PM and I want to try to avoid feeling gross as much as possible tomorrow, so I think I'm just gonna go to bed now. ;u; I'm still reeeally tired from this weekend anyway, so I should probably try to catch up on some sleep. xD

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then! :o

Good night guys! ^^