I can finally tell you guys about the con! xD

Yeah! ^.^ I've been using my laptop today, for the first time in a few days, so I figured I'd tell you guys about the stuff I did while I'm on it! :3

I was there for Saturday and Sunday! owo I ended up hanging out with Thomas for like eleven hours on Saturday, and then something like five hour on Sunday, aha. xD 
I made a new friend too! :D Her name is Melanie, she's really cool, I'm really glad I met her~ ewe

Thomas was Kirito from Sword Art Online, I was Academy Ekko (with the regular Ekko's clock hand, and Sandstorm Ekko's hair since that's what worked out to be easiest, aha xD) from League of Legends, Melanie was Kylo Ren from Star Wars on Saturday and Marceline from Adventure Time on Sunday, Grahm was a humanized Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, and Christene was Spark, team Instinct's leader in Pokemon GO on Saturday! :D I'm not sure if Christene was cosplaying on Sunday or not, I didn't recognize the character if she was, though. :o

I got recognized as Ekko twice too, which was really great! X3 The first guy to recognize me was one of Thomas's friends I think, his name was Owen (he was cosplaying Death The Kid from Soul Eater, too). :o He saw the clock hand I made sitting on the table up in one of the classrooms (the con was at a university in the same place Thomas lives) while Thomas and Melanie and I were waiting to see if they were going to end up doing the Pokemon GO meetup like it said on the schedule (that ended up just kinda falling apart for some reason though and didn't really happen in the end) and he asked me about it. ^^ 

The second guy was another one of Thomas's friends, but I didn't get his name (either that or I forgot what it was, aha xD). I was sitting out in the courtyard with Thomas and Melanie, and I think Owen was there too, and a couple of Thomas's friends showed up and one of them caught sight of my clock hand and was like "IS THAT EKKO??????" xD He seemed really excited about it ahaha, he wanted to look at my clock hand and he said it was creative, which makes me really happy! :D 

I spent like three days making the clock hand in the end, and that ended up being what made people recognize me, which was really cool! owo

There was this Viking shield wall thing happening for a while on Saturday, and Thomas and I ended up doing that a few times! :o There was a bunch of archers with bows and arrows (they weren't real arrows though, but I'm not really sure how to describe them? They had like a cylinder sorta thing on the end instead of a point, I think.), and everyone else had a shield. Everyone with a shield had to kind of overlap it with the ones next to them, so it made a wall, and the objective was to get to the other side of the area we were doing this in and try to hit the archers with the "swords" we had (which were pretty much just sticks/poles that were wrapped in foam except for a little spot near the bottom where you could put your hands), aha. xD The archers would shoot arrows at us while we were trying to do that though, and if we got hit anywhere on our body with an arrow we had to lay down and play dead. uvu 

The first time around Thomas got nailed in the shouler pretty early on, because he got stuck with a smaller shield and he's reeally tall, aha. xD I made it a lot further than I thought I was going to, honestly! :o I thought I was gonna be one of the first ones out, but I ended up being the second last one out in the end, which was cool. :3 

I managed to do pretty well the other times I did it, too! :D I really didn't expect to stay in as long as I kept managing to do, but I'm not complaining, ahaha. xD
There was live-action roleplay (or LARP) stuff happening on both days I was there! :o I didn't do it on Saturday, partially because when it started I was looking for the glasses frames I have as part of my Academy Ekko cosplay, because I managed to lose those somehow. ;u;' I had to go looking for them, but I did find them! ^^ They got kicked around and/or stepped on though, because one of the nose pieces was bent and they're a little scuffed up in a couple places, but ah well, I found them, so that's good. xD 

Thomas did do the LARP stuff on Saturday though, and he was drained afterwards, ahaha. Then the convenience store at the university we were at was closed, and he didn't have any coins for the vending machines, so I ended up giving him my bottle of water since I had other stuff to drink at the time anyway. He downed like 75% of what was left in the end, but I didn't mind, aha. ^^ He didn't drink a whole lot at first, but then I told him he could have it and he drank a bunch more and then gave it back. xD 

I FELT REALLY BAD ON MONDAY THOUGH BECAUSE I GOT HIT WITH A COLD OVERNIGHT BETWEEN SUNDAY AND MONDAY AND I DRANK FROM THE WATER BOTTLE BEFORE HE DID. ;U; He said not to worry though because he's pretty decent at not getting sick from stuff, so that's good! :o If he does get sick I'm gonna feel really bad though. ;u; 

Melanie and I were sitting on this wall thing outside in the courtyard when Thomas did the LARP on Saturday, and everyone's cosplay weapons were all laid out on the wall, and I thought it looked really nice so I took a couple pictures. xD They're both pretty much the same though, except one's vertical and the other's horizontal, and the horizontal one doesn't cut off as much of the weapons as the vertical one did.


The blue-y one closest to the camera is my clock hand! :D 

Beside that is one of Thomas's swords, then one of Owen's guns, then Thomas's other sword, and Owen's other gun, and then Mealanie's lightsaber! xD Beside that is her mask, since she was Kylo Ren. uvu

All of the weapons had to be tagged, so the staff could make sure they followed the policies and stuff, which is why you can see ties on my clock hand and one of Thomas's swords. uvu Melanie's lightsaber had one too, and so did Thomas's other sword, but they got cut off in the picture. I'm not sure if Owen ended up tagging his stuff or not, but I think he did because nobody stopped and asked him or anything, at least. xD
You can see Melanie's foot in the picture too aha, she had a foot on the wall while I was taking the picture.^-^

I got to see Christene for the first time in over a year on Saturday, too! :D She didn't quite recognize me at first since it's been so long since we've seen each other or anything, but as soon as I said the name of the camp we were at together she was like "OOOHHHH MY GOD" and started hugging me really tightly, and she stroked my hair a little too, ahaha. xD I'm really glad I got to see her, she and I were reeeeally close at camp and I haven't been able to talk to her a whole lot since then because we're not usually on tumblr at the same time or anything, but I have her instagram now so I'll hopefully get to talk to her more often! X3

I got to see Justin while I was there too, which was also great! :3 I hadn't seen him since around this time last year before then. :o I kept seeing him and then losing him before I could talk to him though, so it took a little while before I actually got to talk to him, whoops. xD When I did get to talk to him I went up to him and hugged him and I told him that it'd been like a year since I saw him last and I was mad about it, and he was like "you were mad?" and after I said yes he responded with "well you don't have to be mad anymore." ahaha. owo I got to see him a few times over the two days I was at the con, which was really nice! ^.^ He still calls me Tinkerbell like he and a bunch of others did at camp too, which is kinda funny, aha. xD I didn't expect him to still call me that, but he does! -w- He's one of the few people allowed to call me that, actually, aha - only people I met at the camp I met him at are allowed to call me that. >.> 

I watched Thomas play Overwatch for a while on Saturday night too! ^^ Overwatch looks reeeeally cool, I think I might try to get it sometime, maybe! :3 

There was Disney karaoke on Saturday night too, and that was pretty much the last thing I got to do before I had to go to the hotel. ;u; The con was over at that point anyway though, so I didn't mind a whole lot, aha. xD
Thomas and I and a bunch of Thomas's friends were really hoping they'd play Let It Go so we could sing that, but they ended up doing pretty much every song in Frozen except Let It Go, ahaha. Ah well though, they did a bunch of other cool (I SWEAR I DIDN'T MEAN TO MAKE THAT A PUN AT FIRST) songs, so that was good! ^^ 

I was talking to Melanie for a while when Thomas was in the archery competition they had on Saturday evening, and she told me that "Thomas was hyping me up for you being here and he was like 'SHE'S REALLY SHORT AND COOL YOU'RE GONNA LOVE HER'", ahaha. 

He's not wrong on me being really short though, he's literally more than a foot taller than me and iT'S NOT FAIR, HE'S NOT ALLOWED TO BE THAT TALL. xD He's like six foot one or six foot two, and I'm just five feet tall. ;u; 

It was like ten PM by the time I left the con for the hotel, and I ended up having to sprint back inside the university to give Thomas back his hat, because he left it in my bag. xD He'd had it on for a little while earlier because his hair was a bit of a mess, but he ended up taking it off because it was too hot, and I let him keep it in my bag since he didn't have anywhere else to put it, and then we both forgot it was there when I went to leave, aha. I had to make sure I had everything anyway, since I wanted to be sure I didn't lose my glasses again, so I ended up sprinting back inside to give Thomas his hat. He said I could've just given it to him the next day, but chances are I would've managed to forget it again and I would've come home with it in the end, oops. x'D

There was a loooot less happening on Sunday than on Saturday, but I still had fun then too! ^.^
I ended up at the university before Thomas was there, so I just waited for him in the cafeteria since we were supposed to meet there anyway, and when he got there he told me that there was a Weezing near one of the auditorium / presentation rooms that we were really close to and "WE'VE GOTTA GO" xD It disappeared by the time we got there, which kinda sucked, but ah wellll. :3

There was LARP happening on Sunday morning too, and I did that with Thomas then, and that ended up being a ton of fun! ^.^

Thomas and I faced off against each other while we were practicing using the "weapons" (which ranged from the same sorta thing as the "swords" from the shield wall but in a bunch of different lengths to foam axes, and there was shields there too!), and he made the mistake of telling me he was moving so the wind wasn't blowing his hair in his face (his hair is really long, mine is pretty long too and it's only a little longer than his is xD) when we were still getting ready to start, so I spent a lot of time trying to spin us around so his hair was in his face, aha. xD You couldn't see his face at all for a good chunk of the time because of it. I have no regrets, ahahaha~ ewe

I took him OUT at one point too, I somehow managed to get him to fall over which was pretty cool, I'm pretty proud of being able to do it, aha. xD I can't really remember exactly how I did it, but I did it! :D

After everyone was done practicing, there was a scenario set up for us to play out, which was cool! owo The story was that two ogres were invading our village to try to eat us, so we had to try to take them out, aha. xD

My right thumb ended up getting scratched by one of the weapons one of the "ogres" had, and I think that's gonna end up scarring. :o If it does end up scarring that's okay, though, because that's turned out to be pretty fun to explain so far, ahaha. xD I was talking to Jacob yesterday and I was like "... hey, wanna know how I got this?" and showed him my thumb (the scratch is super small so it doesn't look like much anyway aha) and he asked me how, and I just told him "an ogre swung an axe at me. :D" without offering any context, and hoooly crap his reaction was so funny, I don't think I've ever seen anyone look more confused than that before in my life. x'D 

Grahm was able to come to the con for most of Sunday too, which was great! :D I'm really glad he was able to come~ ewe He showed up just after the LARP was over, and he hung out with Thomas and Melanie and I for the rest of the day (or at least until Thomas left, then he hung out with Melanie and I for the rest of the time. uvu)!

I'm glad he finally got to meet Thomas too, I've been wanting them to meet for a while now, honestly. xD He got to meet Justin for a minute, too! ^^ They didn't really get to meet for long though, just long enough that I could introduce them to each other, but it still counts, aha!

I ended up sitting between Thomas and Grahm on one of the couches in this little nook area of the cafeteria for a looong time on Sunday afternoon. ^.^ Melanie was there too, and so were a bunch of Thomas's other friends! uvu Most of us played Pokemon GO for most of the time we were there, and we kept getting lures put on the Pokestop we were really close to, too! :D Thomas and I were in a really good spot, our in-game characters kept moving into the range of the stop so we could keep spinning it over and over again to get items and stuff, aha. xD I got something like five eggs while I was at the con in the end, and I think I got most of them while I was sitting on that couch! :3

Thomas ended up catching two pokemon on my ipod while we were there, almost everything I had spawning for me were like 10cp pokemon, which is exactly what I didn't want and exactly what he did want, aha. xD I was showing him the ones I had pop up every so often, and he ended up just taking my ipod from me and catching the pokemon on my screen for me even though I didn't really need it, ahaha x'D So now I've got a pidgey named after him, since he caught that and I said I'd name it after him, and he was just like "thanks man! :D" 

I caught a bunch of pokemon while I was at the con, which is really nice, because nothing ever pops up near where I live with Mum or with Dad. ;u;

I bought some stuff while I was at the con on Sunday afternoon, too! ^.^ I didn't really have much time to look at what people were selling before Sunday since I was hanging out with Thomas and Melanie the whole time, but I'm alright with that, aha. xD


THIS PRINT IS SO COOL. ;U; It's of Kindred from League of Legends! :D I don't play them much, but I really like them. ewe 

Kastraz on deviantart made it! :o I found out I already watch them on dA after I got home, which was also cool! I can't believe I didn't recognize their username while I was there, I took a picture of the front of their portfolio and everything so I'd remember their username. ;u;'


This one was done by noxotox on instagram! :3 I saw this one before I was even at the con, and I kept going back to it, I reeeally like it~ ewe The artist was really nice too! :D He was saying how this one was his favorite to draw out of the three he did, and that he's also on team Valor! ^^ He did each team's leader from Pokemon GO as a print, and all of them were really cool! :o I only got this one though.


I got these, too! :D

The Charmander keychain was made by Motley Merchants, which is why it's laying on their card. ^.^ I bought Bulbasaur and Mew keychains from them too, but I bought them as gifts for Grahm and Thomas. uvu I bought Mew for Grahm! owo He came with me to look at stuff when I did, and I asked him if he wanted one since I was getting the Bulbasaur for Thomas anyway, and he picked out Mew. :3 

I picked Bulbasaur for Thomas since it's one of his favorite pokemon! owo When I got back to where we were sitting in the little nook area, he asked me what I'd gotten and I showed him, and when I got to the keychains I laid the Bulbasaur in his hand and he immediately went "you are a SAINT." ahaha xD I'm really happy he liked it so much! ^.^ 

The Growlithe charm was made by magikarpdoodles on tumblr - it was actually one of the first things I looked at on Sunday morning, when I was poking around a little with Thomas! I love it a looot, the art is reeally cute, and it's got a little bell attached to it too! X3

The Valor sticker is by _kelseywhite on instrgram! :3 It's a really nice sticker too, I haven't figured out where I'm gonna put it yet though. :o A couple of Thomas's friends bought the sticker for their teams too, and they were sticking them on the backs of their phones, and I'd do that too but I'd probably end up wearing it off eventually, and my ipod is in a case I can't really stick stickers on anyway because of the material it is. ;u;' So I'm not sure where I'm going to put the sticker yet, but I'll figure it out! xD

I think I'm gonna measure both of the prints I got and buy frames for them so I can put them up on my wall sometime! :3 

Thomas ended up leaving the con early on Sunday, since he was so sore from all the moving around and stuff he did. .3. He got up from the couch for a second earlier that afternoon and I quote, "I am pain."

I felt really bad for him, my upper legs were reeally sore from the two days I was at the con, but he was there for all three days, so I can't even imagine how he must've felt. D: He did all the LARP stuff they had going while we were there too. 

He also hurt his thumb on Saturday while he was spinning his cosplay swords around, so that probably didn't help either. 030 

He left around three-ish, and the con wasn't supposed to be over until five (but it ended up lasting until around five thirty since they got delayed starting the closing ceremonies), so Grahm and I just hung out with Melanie until we went home. owo 

We didn't do much at all for the rest of Sunday, we mostly just sat in the little nook area and talked to Melanie until it was time for the closing ceremonies, and then we went to that, and then when that was over we said goodbye to Melanie and met my Mum and Melissa in the parking lot to go home. ;u; 

After the con on Saturday night was a really weird kind of feeling, honestly, because you're exhausted and definitely ready to just sleep, but at the same time you're 100% awake and really excited and there's no way you're getting to sleep yet, aha. xD
I think I laid in bed awake for like an hour before I actually fell asleep, so I ended up awake until probably after midnight even though I'd tried to go to bed sometime around eleven thirty-ish. 030 And then I woke up sometime reeeally late (technically early in the morning? xD) I think, and then I just went back to sleep, and then I woke up again around six-ish, and then I just went back to sleep again and ended up awake between seven and eight and at that point I just stayed awake. x'D 

Overall, I had a ton of fun and I'm reeally happy I got to go to the con! :D Getting to see Thomas, Justin and Christene again was really nice too, and I'm really happy I got to meet Melanie too. :3 

I'm reeeally hoping I'll be able to go again next year! X3 I might have to find another way to be able to do more than one day though, because in the end I think I enjoyed it a lot more than Melissa did, aha. xD 
Anyway, now that I've been typing this on and off for the past few hours, it's after ten thirty, and I think I'm gonna go to bed. uvu

This got suuuper long in the end, whoops, I've got almost 19000 characters typed according to the character count, which is kind of wild. :o So I think I'm gonna stop writing for tonight, and if I think of anything else I want to say, I'll tell you guys about it tomorrow! :D I'll definitely be on again then. ewe

Good night guys! ^.^