I updated the links and stuff here finally! ^.^

Yeah! :3 There was a bunch of stuff that didn't work anymore, or were just old and needed updating, so I did that today when I was on my laptop! ^^ 

I added some flipnotes I did at one point or another while I was doing that too, so there's a couple if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and then a couple different ones if you go to the page for an entry! owo They're all pretty much from different points in time, there's one from like last year and one I didn't do that long ago, and one I did in like 2014 and another the same year Flipnote Hatena closed down, so it's kinda like one from every year I've been animating except the first year, I guess! :o

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's already after eight thirty, and I'm going to watch something on TV with Dad so I have to get off for tonight. ;u;

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! uvu I'll try to get more written here then~ :3

Good night guys! ^-^