Atlantic Canada got hit pretty hard with the remnants of Hurricane Matthew. ;o;

Yeah. ;-; The city about an hour and a half from here got flooded, and some roads washed away and it's just all around not good. D: 

I've messaged anybody I know that lives down there and that I can actually message to find out how things are/were for them, and everyone I've talked to has been alright and nobody's houses have been flooded either, so that's good! uvu 

Justin didn't have power when he texted me this morning though, and I dunno when he'll have that back, some places aren't supposed to get power back until Friday now. D: 

School was cancelled today too, because the power was out in town in some spots, and it was still really windy for at least some of today too. .3.

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but my battery's dying and I didn't really do a whole lot today anyway so I don't really know what else to say. ;u;' I'm watching Brother Bear with Dad and Melissa too, so I think I'm just gonna get off for tonight. 030

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ^^ I'll try to get more written here then! owo

Night guys! uvu