Melissa's birthday is in like two weeks. :o

Yeah! :o And then mine is a month from today too, which is kinda weird to think about, because it feels like we should still be in like September or something honestly, aha. xD

Halloween's pretty close now though, which is great! :D I'm really excited for it honestly, if it doesn't rain I'm gonna wear what I have for an Academy Ekko cosplay like I wore to the con I was at in September I think. :3

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but my battery is dying, and I didn't do much today at all, so I'm not really sure what to write about either. D:

I think I might just go to bed for tonight, it's after eleven and I've been tired on and off all day, ehhh. 030

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ^^ I'll try to get more written here then. -w-

Night guys! owo