My arm is sooooorrrreee. ;-;

Yeah. ;o; I had my flu shot today while I was at my appointment, ehhhh. ;u; 

At least I hopefully won't get sick with the flu though, that's something. xD

Today was pretty eventful! :3 I bought a tie and some screwdrivers to add to my Academy Ekko cosplay, so now I can give my grandmother back the tie that was my grandfather's, and I can put the screwdrivers in my bag so they stick out of one of the pockets like there is in the game! ^^

I bought a lantern too, I found it on clearance today for like $10 off its original price, which was really cool! :o I figure I can use it to do some kind of Thresh cosplay if I want to! uvu I want to hopefully at least get a lantern/scythe done, just for the fun of it, aha. xD The lantern I got lights up green and everything, which is reeeally cool, and it's perfect for what I'm hopefully gonna do with it! :D

I spent almost two hours doing more with the little game I started making yesterday too, and I finished that earlier! :o It's really simple, but I'm still really proud of it~ ewe I haven't figured out how to upload it anywhere yet though, ehh, I'm not really sure where I could do that yet, so I'll have to try to figure that out soon for sure. .3.

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight if I could, but typing isn't really being too nice to my arm because moving it makes it more sore, and I'm kinda just really tired tonight, ehhh. ;u; So I think I'm gonna stop writing here for tonight, I might watch a couple videos on youtube before I go to bed, but I don't think I'll be up tooo late tonight in the end. 030

Either way, I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D I'll try to get more written here then, hopefully my arm isn't as sore tomorrow as it has been today, aha. xD

Good night, guys! owo