Melissa's birthday is tomorrow! ^.^

Yeah! :3 She'll be fourteen tomorrow. uvu 

We're gonna go see a movie tomorrow I think, too! :o I'm pretty sure we're going to see Doctor Strange, so hopefully that's good! ^^ I haven't seen a whole lot about it anywhere so I'm nooot 100% sure what it's about, honestly, aha, but from the bit of the commercial I saw a couple days ago it looked good at least. xD

My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow too! I'll be seventeen then, and I'm still really weirded out by that thought, honestly. xD 

I started writing here when I was thirteen, so that sorta makes it even weirder to think about, because it reeeally doesn't feel like it's been as long as it has at allll. o.o 

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's already after eight thirty, and I'm gonna watch Elementary with Dad, so I have to get off for tonight before he starts it and I miss some of it, ahaha. x'D

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure though! owo I'll try to get more written here then! :D

Good night guys! X3