Daylight savings time ending hasn't screwed me up as much as it usually does this time! xD

Yeah! x'D Usually it reeeally messes me up, but it hasn't this time, at least so far! :o It's throwing me off a little, but not near as much as it usually does, aha. owo

I didn't do a whole lot today, honestly! .3. I was out on the four-wheeler with Dad and Melissa earlier today, so that was good! :D 

We had spaghetti for supper tonight too, since there was a dinner thing going on at this place nearby, and that was really good! ^^ 

It also turns out I forgot my wireless mouse at Mum's place, which kinda sucks, so I'm stuck using the trackpad on my laptop unless I remember to ask Dad if I can borrow his mouse. .3. Ah well though, I'll be going back to Mum's on Wednesday, so it's not tooo long to go without it! uvu

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I didn't do much else today, honestly, so I'm not really sure what else to write! ;u;' It's already almost nine too, and I still have to talk to Mum, so I don't have a whole lot of time left to write here, anyway. ;o; I'm probably just gonna go to bed pretty soon after I talk to Mum, I'm still kinda tired, so I'm probably just gonna sleep after that. qoq

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then! :3

Good night, guys! ^^