I'm reeeeally tired after the trip this weekend. x'D

Yeah.. xD I'm going to go to bed in a couple minutes I think, but I wanted to get this done now before I go to sleep. uvu

My legs aren't as sore tonight as they were last night, so that's good at least! :D 

I'm just getting some of my stuff sorted out before I go to bed, since I'm pretty sure I'm waay too tired to do anything else, aha. xD

So I think I'm just gonna go finish doing that, and then go to bed, and I'll try to tell you guys more about what I did tomorrow! ^^ I'd do it tonight if I felt more awake, but I've got no energy left, and honestly I'm kinda surprised I am still awake. ^-^; 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :3 I'll try to get more written here then if I can~ 

Good night guys! owo