It started snowing a loooot really quickly. o.o

Yeah. o.o Mum thinks there might not be school tomorrow if it starts snowing again, since it seems to have stopped for now! :o I'd be 100% okay with no school tomorrow, ahaha. xD
I'm actually on my laptop tonight, too! :D So I can tell you guys about what I did in the city and stuff! :3

When I was at Alice's place we watched this move called The Boy And The Beast, which was really cool! :o I really liked it~

My feet hurt a looot after Saturday though, since we did so much walking around! xD I was into Michaels like three times, and I was in the Dollarama the same amount of times I think, too. :o I bought a bunch of stuff for the Thresh cosplay I've been trying to put together too, so that's good! ^^ I bought bright green gloves, because turns out they're reeally hard to find around here, so I bought three pairs instead of just the two I needed. xD I bought a bunch of paint too, and some decorative keys! uvu I bought two metal keys and a package of six wooden ones to paint, and I've finished the white layer on the metal ones, so I can start painting them green soon! ^.^ I think I'm gonna give the two wooden ones I've been painting one more layer of white paint before I start painting them, though.

I bought a pair of brown wolf's ears on a headband, too! :o I kinda want to put together a Yuki from Wolf Children cosplay, since it wouldn't be too hard, so this is sorta the start to that, I guess? xD

And I bought two more copic markers! :D I wanted to buy a third one, but I was like a dollar short because of tax, ehhh. D: Ah well, though. .3. 

I bought a couple of books, too! owo I bought the last Scott Pilgrim book, since I've still been reading that, and I bought a Pokemon Adventures manga I was missing, too. uvu

I bought some Christmas gifts for some of my friends, too! ^^ I'm gonna have to give some of them early though, since I probably won't get to see them on Christmas. 030

I found a League of Legends collectors box thing at EB Games, too, which was really cool! :o It had a Thresh keychain, a little Lucian figure, three poro figures, and an Amumu figure in it, and I got it like $10 off the original price, too~ ewe

I ended up coming home with like four tshirts too, even though I reeeally don't need any more tshirts, whooopsss. x'D Ah well though, I've been looking for the 3OH!3 one I found for a while now, and I found another Rise Against shirt and two Twenty One Pilots tshirts, so I'm getting one of the Twenty One Pilots shirts for Christmas, and the rest I bought myself. uvu

I bought a pokemon blanket, too, which is really soft! :o It was like 25% off at Spencer's when I found it, which was also really nice. ewe

Mum and Melissa found a deal at Ardenes for faux gauges too, so Melissa and I each picked out five pairs, since it was 10 for $10! :D I found some really cool ones, and all of them screw together nicely, which is really nice. :3

I spent a lot of money when I was in the city, honestly, oops. x'D I'm not totally broke though, so that's good! :D

We ate at Boston Pizza on Friday night before I went to Alice's place, and the server getting our menus looked at me and asked if I wanted a kids menu, which was kinda really funny. xD I didn't want to correct her, so I just kinda went with it, and said no thanks, and I figured alright, that's understandable, I look like I'm twelve and it's probably a twelve and under menu. But I looked it up yesterday, and it turns out the kids menu at Boston Pizza is for kids ten and under, so apparently I look younger than I thought? x'D At least to that server, anyway, ahaha!

I think I'm gonna get to see the new Star Wars movie on Saturday with Dad and Melissa, so that's gonna be good! :o I'm really looking forward to it~ ewe

Anyway, I kinda haven't eaten supper yet, and I thiiiink I've told you guys about everything I wanted to talk about, so I'm gonna go eat. x'D

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! uvu

Bye guys! :D