I did get to see Rogue One today! :D

Yeah! X3 The roads weren't too bad, they were mostly just wet I think, so Dad took Melissa and I to see Rogue One today! :D

I really liked it, it was a really good movie! :o I'd talk about it a little here, but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone, whoops. xD

I started sketching a little this evening too, and I was using this set of sketching pencils I've had for like forever, and I left the tin open when I came out to the rec room to watch the rest of The Imitation Game with Dad and Melissa, so now my room smells like the pencils, aha. xD I don't mind it at all, honestly, I kinda really like the smell. ^^ 

I might finish the sketch I started before I go to bed tonight if I have time, I was drawing Alexander and I think I might color it, too! :o If I get a chance, I'll post it here once I do finish. uvu 

I might end up posting a bunch of art I've done recently here sometime soon, since I'm gonna be doing my 2016 art summary soon, and I'll be scanning stuff anyway! :3

It's already almost eight forty five now, though, and I think I'm gonna watch something on tv with Dad before I go to my room for the night, so I'm gonna stop writing here for tonight. 030

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! I'll be on again then for sure. ^^

Night guys! owo