YESSSSSS :'D It's an Intuos Draw, it's the one I wanted in the color I wanted and everything! X3 Dad and Amanda gave it to me for Christmas. :o

I haven't really had the chance to do much with it yet, but I did draw a little doodle-y thing of King to test it out! :D


I really like it so far, it's a lot easier to use than I thought it was gonna be, honestly! :3 

I can use the pen like a mouse on the tablet too, so I've been scrolling through websites and stuff to get more used to using it. :o There's a feature on it that lets me write what I wanna type using the tablet, too, and I wrote the title for this entry with that! ewe It's slower to use than typing, but it's still really cool, aha. xD
I did get some other stuff too, but I think the tablet is probably the highlight out of everything~ X3 

I've been reeeally busy the past few days, I pretty much was doing stuff from 6:45-ish this morning until about probably around 6 or so tonight, so I was busy for almost twelve hours, aha. xD It was definitely worth it though, I had a good day today! ^.^

I'm kinda dead now though, so I think I'm just gonna go to bed, whoops. ;u;' 

I don't think I have anything to do tomorrow, so I'll try to tell you guys about what I did today and the stuff I got tomorrow! :D No guarantees though aha, I'm not sure if I'll end up doing anything tomorrow in the end or not. xD
Either way, I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! ^^
Good night guys! ^-^ Merry Christmas! :D