HIS NAME IS MONTI AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. :'D I don't even think I've had him for two hours yet honestly, aha. x'D
He's drawn and designed by Naitocore on dA!! ewe I got him from 11lamb on dA since they were giving away a bunch of characters! ^.^

I think he's like a big cat, but also a bear? xD I'm not totally sure yet aha, I haven't quite decided much of his character or anything yet except that his name is Monti, and I think he's probably nonbinary (and uses he or they pronouns)! 

He's really good at the whole "walking on his hands" thing, aha. 

Also, sitting is probably hard? But I've been thinking about it and I have a few ideas for how they go about doing that, including this -


Whiiiich wasn't that great a drawing but ehhhh, it's just a doodle/sketch thing. uvu 

But basically, maybe he sits like this? With his butt/eye in the air and his chest/paws on the ground. :o 

I'm reeeeeally excited about having him, I'm probably gonna try to draw him soon (and have it not just be a doodle aha), and I think I'm gonna try to commission some people on Furvilla or PokeFarm for art of him too! :D

Anyway, it's almost eleven PM now, and I'm tired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. 030 I didn't really do a whole lot today besides school and trying to reach the 20k interaction goal for the twelve days of Christmas event on PokeFarm, aha. xD
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :3 I'll try to get more written here then! X3

Night guys! :D