I didn't get into the oceans class. ;-;

No. ;-; I'm supposed to try a film and video class for two classes, so today and tomorrow, but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do in the end, ehhhh. ;=; There's pros and cons to both foods and this film and video class, and I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do yet, but I'm gonna have to decide by the end of first class tomorrow, which is gonna be an adventure. :/ 

I wish I could just take a free class, but I don't get a free until next year, and just eeeehh. qoq

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's already after ten PM, so I've gotta go to bed. ;o; I'm tired anyway though, ehh. ;u;

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then! .3.

Good night guys! ;u;