I've got a little catching up to do with the film and video class now. .3.

Yep. 030 I'm hopefully gonna get at least some work done over the weekend, that's the goal, anyway! :o I've got the first assignment mostly done now, I just have one question on that left, so I'm gonna finish that tomorrow! ^^

I started doing my owed art for gothiiiic on dA in exchange for a character not too long ago, and I finished the first piece a couple of days ago! ^-^


I'm not quite 100% sure how to feel about some of the lines, but overall I am pretty happy with it! :3 Pixeling is a lot of fun with my tablet, doing it with a trackpad or mouse got to be really tedious and annoying really fast, but I really liked making this and the headshot of Rikuo I did! :D

I'm hopefully gonna get some more of my owed art done over the weekend too, but I'm gonna at least try to prioritize the film and video stuff, I think. ;u; 

Anyway, it's already almost ten thirty, and I'm tired and still trying to fend off a cold, so I think I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. D:
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! uvu

Good night guys! X3