It's felt like a Friday for two days now. x'D

Yeah. xD I wish today was Friday, but ehhh, ah well, tomorrow's Friday, which is something!
I didn't really do much today besides school honestly, and it's getting late now so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to write here for, but I'm gonna at least try to talk a little about how my day was yesterday! :o

I didn't get home until like eight last night, since after I got back from the city we had to go to a church service thing for ash Wednesday, so by the time everything was all done and all that I was kinda just really drained. xD

I was with Thomas for most of my day yesterday, which was reeally nice considering I haven't seen him since my birthday. :o We were at his dad's place for a little while, and I got to try a couple of VR things since they have this demo disk and the headset and all that! :D I felt reeeeally short playing the Job Simulator one, I had to open a case of donuts at one point and I almost couldn't open it all the way because of how high I had to reach, and then the open case blocked half of the instructions. x'D I've seen Markiplier's videos of it before too, so it was really weird to not be able to see as much as I could watching the videos. 

I got to do this other ocean game thing too, where you were in a cage descending through the ocean, and that was really cool! :o Everything was really pretty and just overall really cool looking, but at the same time it was kind of weird, because in the game you can't actually see your own feet, they're just kinda.... not there. x'D And you have this vague sensation of moving downward, but you're not actually moving, which was kind of weird, but it was 100% worth it. ewe

I got to meet Thomas's dog Layla too, she's like three months old and full of energy aha, she was reeally cute. :3 She got a bunch of mud on my jacket and a little on my sweater and pants because she kept jumping up on me, but I don't mind that at all. ^^

We went to this game place in the city for a little while too, and it only cost me $2.85 for the hour instead of the $5.75 I expected, so that was cool! ^.^ 
I got to try playing Overwatch since one of Thomas's friends has an extra account, and I sucked at it, but I had fun. xD I played Mercy, D.Va, McCree, and Ana, and I think I was least bad at D.Va in the end. :o I'm pretty sure someone else we were playing with told me to never play D.Va again in the chat after the game was over, but eeeeh, I just kinda ignored them, it was only my second or third game at that point and I mean I tried. x'D

I think I might buy Overwatch for myself sometime so I can actually play! :3 I'm reeeally not any good at pvp games, but I liked playing yesterday. ewe

I ended up hugging Thomas a bunch before I left, I'm honestly not even sure how many times I hugged him in the end? xD But it was worth it, I hadn't seen him in like three months, and he was all good with it~ I wish I could've stayed longer, I really didn't wanna have to leave yet. ;u; I'm hopefully gonna get to see him before it's been another three months though, I thiiink Mum wants to go back up there so we can get a couple of female betta fish sometime, since at the pet store up there the females are all really small, so we're hoping they'd maybe live longer. :o So hopefully we do that sometime soon! :D 
Anyway, it's after eleven PM now, and I'm tired and I have school tomorrow, so I should probably get off for tonight. qoq

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! uvu

Night guys! X3