I'm home from camp now, and I'm pretty sure I have a cold, ehhh. ;u;

Yeahhhhhh.. xD My nose isn't really running or anything, but I've been coughing all day, which has been kinda really annoying. ;u; Hopefully it doesn't last too long in the end.

I'm also waaay more sore than I thought/realized I was, like just overall in general, whoops. 030 

I'm gonna try and tell you guys about what I did at camp, and what happened and stuff tomorrow, since I think I'm just gonna go to bed for tonight, since I'm prooobably also way more tired than I think I am. x'D My ipad's battery is only at 2% anyway, so I have to turn it off for tonight anyway, aha.

So I think I am gonna go get ready for bed, it's after nine PM anyway, and I'll try to get more written here tomorrow. ;u; I'll be on again then for sure! ^^

Good night guys! :D