I finally changed my icon on dA after almost four years! x'D

Yeah! xD I changed it to one of Jakk sleeping, it came with him when I bought him from his last owner! :o I stored a few screenshots and stuff that were in my gallery too, and moved some stuff to scraps that probably should've been in scraps in the first place~ ^.^

I finally got some stuff done for my film and video class too, so that's good! :D Today's been kind of a productive day, ahaha. x'D
Some people are saying there might not be school tomorrow, since we're supposed to get freezing rain. :o Honestly, I'd be 100% okay with that, even though we've had the past week off, hAH. 

Anyway, I am writing from my laptop tonight, but it's kiiiinda after eleven PM already, and there's no guarantee on there not being school tomorrow, so I should probably go to bed for tonight. ;u;'

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D I'll try to finally, actually tell you guys about stuff that happened at camp last weekend then if I can. xD
Good night, guys! :D