YEAH! ewe Supper's ready, though, so I'm not sure if I'll get everything I want to say written here tonight, partially because I might forget something, whoops. xD

Anyway, I feel like I made more friends this year at March break camp than I have in a few years! :D I reconnected with Rory, who I met last year, and exchanged iMessages with but then when I got home, I discovered his didn't work so I couldn't talk to him. 030 But I have a working iMessage for him now, so that's good! ^^ He's really cool, he rememered me too which I was kinda surprised about! :o He was also to the same con I was at in September, and just aaaahhh, I wish I'd known it was him there because I could've talked to him, aha. xD 
One of my roommates this year was also at the con! :o Her name is Destiny, and she's really cool too. :3 She really likes Pokemon too! Her, Bree, Melissa and I didn't really talk much until like the last night we were there though, because we all kinda felt really awkward about it, but then I'd been talking to her a little that day because both she and I were hanging out with Rory that afternoon. xD

I ended up kinda friends with this other guy, David, who was hanging out with Destiny and Rory too! :o I don't know much about him, though, honestly, aha. x'D
I didn't end up reconnecting with Cody at all, the only time we interacted at all was the first night, when I said "hi" and he said hi back. .3. Ah well though, I think I'm pretty okay with it, honestly!

I made friends with this other guy named Alasdair, too, and he's really cool and funny! :D He commented on my Blink-182 sweater, and my Rise Against hat, and at first he thought they were a Nirvana sweater and a Green Day hat, but either way it was bands he liked, which was cool! xD We have a similar taste in music I think, and he also likes Barns Courtney, which was super unexpected, since Barns Courtney isn't really that well known. :o 

Alasdair's kinda super high energy all the time, which was kind of hilarious, and it turns out he knows Jack, this other guy I went to camp with when I met Thomas, Justin, Jordan and Christene! :3 He also knows Thomas's friends Jade and Terryn, and when I asked him if he knew Jade he got super excited and just kind of yelled "JADE!!!!! I KNOW JADE!!!!!" x'D

Anyway, that's definitely not everything I wanna say, so I'm gonna try and say everything I haven't said tonight tomorrow if I can, because I'm really hungry and I kinda just really want to go eat, whoops... xD
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D And I'll try to finish telling you guys about camp then if I can! :3

Bye guys! ^.^