Dad's been working basically all day. ;o;

Yeah. D: He hasn't had much break at all, and he had to do work for a bunch of yesterday, too. ;u; He hasn't really had much of a weekend, ehhh. 

Because he's working, I can't write for too long here tonight, since I'm not sure if he's gonna have any more work to do once he's done in the shower, so I can't write about camp here tonight. .3. I'll try to tomorrow if I can, though! owo

I did like half of my owed art today, so that was good! :D I'm gonna try to get the rest done this week if I can, but I'm really not sure if that'll happen or not, since I have to get all caught up on film and video class stuff for the fifth. .3. Ah well though, hopefully that doesn't take me too long! ^^ 

I'm just kinda drawing in my sketchbook now, I wanted to do more drawing with my copic markers and that faber-castell one I've got, so I'm drawing Lymph. :3 I'm really hoping that coloring it isn't gonna screw it up, though, because I really like how it's coming out so far. xD

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but I don't wanna take too long writing in case Dad does have to do more work, so I think I'm gonna get off for tonight. D: 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! X3 I'll try to be able to tell you guys about camp then if I can, aha. xD

Night guys! ewe