I didn't really fully accomplish anything I set out to do today except have a shower. xD

Yeah. x'D Whooopss. 

I mean, I got a sketch page as part of my owed art mostly done, so that's something! :o And I charged the battery for one of the cameras I have, so I can use that tomorrow to hopefully get one of my assignments done, so that's good. ^^
Anyway, I'm also on my laptop tonight, and it's a little late, but I'm gonna try to talk about everything I can remember wanting to bring up about camp tonight now before I go to bed, I think. uvu Even though it's been almost a month, whoops. ^^;

I ended up bruising the inside of my left thigh, and my right knee in like two places, at one point during camp, because I was outside with Rory, Destiny, and David, and I was walking along this bench thing, but I slipped and fell and ended up kinda killing my legs, ehhhhh. xD It was kind of annoying, since the bruise on my thigh made it so I couldn't sit with my right leg crossed over my left without it being kinda sore, but ah well, it's all healed now, so that's good. owo

There was a dance on the Saturday night I was at camp, too! :o That was a lot of fun, and Melissa and I had brought like forty glowsticks with us, and then the staff had bought some glowsticks to hand out too. xD I started with something like 16 on my wrists, but I ended up basically cutting that number in half by the end of it because I was handing them out.

I had a few not on my wrists at first, and I handed them all out except one, so I asked Alasdair if he wanted it and he basically just went "YEAH WAIT DOES IT HAVE A CONNECTOR????" x'D He was suuuuper excited over it having the connector thing so he could attach it to the others he had or put it on his wrist ahaha, it was kind of really hilarious. 

And I gave a few to Rory, and he had a couple connected in a circle and stuck under the top of his hat so they kinda framed his face, and then he had another like two hung on his ears, which was kinda funny too, aha. xD 

I danced with a bunch of people by the end of it, I think I danced with Alasdair, Rory, Melissa, Bree, and this other guy named Aiden who was REALLY TALL, and then I might've danced with a couple other people too, but I know I danced with them for sure. ^^

Anyway, I can't think of anything else in particular I want to say about camp right now? 030 I'm not sure if I'm just tired or if I've said everything else I wanted to say, but if I remember anything else I'll leave it in the entry for that day. ^-^
For now I think I'm gonna go to bed though, since it's kinda late, and I'm tired, ehhhh. xD
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :3

Night guys! ewe