I can't believe it's already Easter! :o

Yeah! :o Even though Easter's pretty late this year, aha. xD
I have to help out at the church service in town tonight, since Jade's sick, and she was supposed to help along with my sister. .3. It's gonna be kind of an adventure, just because of how long the service is gonna be, but ah well. xD
I went bowling with Dad and Melissa today, too! :D I beat Dad and Melissa by a lot in the last game we played, Dad would've had to have scored thirty points in one go at the end to beat me. x'D
I colored in an icon base by captyns on dA to fit my character Matthew, and his twin (who I finally named after a super long time, hAH) Louie tonight! :D


I don't have anyone I could use it with, but I like it anyway, aha. xD 

I'm gonna have to leave for church soon, and I'm probably not gonna get home until after eleven tonight, so I figured I should probably write tonight's entry now. 030 I'm hoping it's not gonna be too close to midnight before I get home, but whether that happens or not is kind of a total mystery to me right now, oops. x'D Oh well!
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I'm kinda just not sure what else to talk about right now, since I didn't do much today except go bowling with Dad and Melissa, and go to the last bit of the practice thing for church tonight, and now all I'm gonna be doing with my night is going to that church service, aha. owo

I think I'm gonna get off for tonight, so I can finish eating supper, since I maaaaybe didn't finish yet, but I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D
Good night guys! X3