YEAH! x'D My bangs were juuuuust long enough to be constantly getting in my eyes, but not quite long enough to just brush behind my ears and have it stay there, so I'm glad that I got my hair cut today, since now I don't have to put up with that for now, aha! :D 

While Melissa and I were walking to Mum's work after the hair appointment, this guy on a bike was riding down the road coming towards us and I think he was looking at me? It could've been Melissa too, but I thought he was looking at me, anyway, aha. And he suddenly got this huge grin on his face and he stuck his hand out to the side like he was waving or something, but neither Melissa or I know who he was? xD I kinda wonder if it's because I had my Rise Against hat on at the time, so my hair was mostly covered, at least front, and maybe he just mistook me for someone else, but I really have no idea, ahaha. :o

Literally every single bell today was the song Jesse's Girl? xD Which was super confusing, it was the same clip of the song for every bell today, except for the full-song bell before school started, after lunch, and after school was over, when they played the full song. I swear to god, this song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of my life, hAH. 

My school might be on the third principal for this year now, too. :o The first one got offered a job at the school board near the beginning of the year, and apparently the second one just walked out yesterday after cancelling the staff meeting and didn't come back today. o.o Nobody really seems to know for sure what's going on, including the teachers, but I heard rumors that one of our two vice principals is gonna be the principal now? 030 So that's possibly a thing, but I'm not 100% sure if that's actually true yet or not. 

Anyway, it's getting kinda late, and I wanna watch a youtube video or two before I go to bed I think, so I think I'm gonna get off for tonight! 030 

I'll definitely be on again tomorrow, though! :D

Night guys! ^.^