I can't wait for this week to be done and over with. :'D

Yeah! :'D After Friday I don't have to worry about any assignments in film and video, and Rise Against is releasing a new album then too! X3 

So I'm kinda really excited for Friday. xD 

It's gonna be really nice to not have to worry about anything else in film and video, except the exam of course, and this means I'll basically have a free class until exams, too! :o I'll have the block of my schedule film and video's in to do basically whatever as long as I'm still in the guidance office, so that's good! :3

I'm gonna finish my final project for film and video over the next few days, and if I get that done before Friday I'll try to get some stuff done on the last three assignments I have besides that, too. owo

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I didn't really do a whole lot today, and it's already after nine PM anyway so I have to get off fortonight. D: 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then if I can! ^^ 

Good night guys! :D