This week is my last full week of school before final exams! :D

Yeah! ewe I'm so excited for school to be done for the summer aha, it's gonna be so nice to not have to worry about assignments or projects or anything for a while. xD

I'm still really tired from yesterday, honestly. .3. I didn't sleep that well last night, it took me forever to actually get to sleep and then I woke up I think twice between finally getting to sleep and when I had to get up? D: So that kinda sucked, I think it might just have been because of the heat and the fact that I only had one blanket on, which isn't something I usually do, so I'm used to the weight of more than just the one blanket on me when I sleep? 030 If that makes any sense at all. xD

I'm not sure though, but either way that happened, and I kinda just wanna go to bed so I can try to catch up on the sleep I missed last night. ;u;' So I think I might just do that, it's almost nine thirty PM anyway, so I have to get off for tonight too. qoq

I'll try to talk a little here about yesterday tomorrow, though! :o I'll be on again then for sure. 

Good night guys! uvu