I'm soooo tired and I'm almost broke in terms of what money I brought with me. x'D

Yeeeppp. xD 

I bought a bunch of stuff today! :o I bought Fire Emblem Awakening, the art book (which I didn't know existed! :D), two other graphic novels, three pokemon plushies, three band tshirts, and maaaybe some other stuff? xD I can't remember if I bought anything else or not, aha. 030

I figured I'd get this done now though, since we just got back to our hotel room for the night a little while ago, and it's already after eleven PM in my home timezone. :o 

My legs are kinda sore, and I'm reeeeally tired, but it's been worth it! ^.^

I'm eating some stuff now though since we didn't stop anywhere for supper, so I think I'm gonna finish eating, and then I'm gonna go to bed. uvu

So I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! ^^ I'll write what I can then. :3

Good night guys! ^-^