I've spent the last seven straight hours cleaning lines on the last drawing for my portfolio. ;o;

Things don't feel quite totally real anymore, whoops. xD
I spent an hour on cleaning lines yesterday, too. Aaand I'm not even done yet. qoq I'm at least 90% of the way there, though, so that's good, but it looks like I'm gonna have to finish the drawing tomorrow instead of tonight, and I'll have to turn in my portfolio on Monday instead of tomorrow, ehhh. ;u; I'm not sure how I'll get to the college campus in town to drop it off yet, since I'll be going to Dad's after school that day, but I'll figure it out. .3.

Anyway, I should prooobably go to bed, considering it's almost eleven thirty, I have school tomorrow, and I just spent the last like eight hours staring at my laptop screen, whoops. xD I really didn't think it was gonna take this long to finish the drawing, I expected to finish it today and hopefully still have a little time to do stuff that wasn't on the computer. ;u;'

Ah well, though, I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow, and if not then over the weekend! :o

For now, I'm gonna go to bed, though. xD
Good night guys! uvu