I missed out on buying him when he was originally sold by literally like tHREE SECONDS, and it's kind of just hauuuunted me ever since, and he's been passed around so much along with his boyfriend and just ahhhhh, I can't believe he's gonna be mine. xD
I thought I'd never actually get to own this character, so this is kind of reeeally exciting, ahaha! :'D I just have to link my bank account to the paypal I just made and then I should be all set. ^^
I'll try to post a picture of him here sometime! :3 He's gonna top Mako as my most expensive character, and honestly it's probably the most I'll ever spend on a character, oops. xD He's gonna cost me basically $45 in the end, which is basically $20 more than I spent on Mako, but on the upside it doesn't really feel like I'm spending that much since I have some extra money I didn't expect to have (I got some pins the other day and Dad paid for them for me, I expected to pay for them myself so that's an extra $21 in my pocket and with the commission I got the other day that was $12 worth of points so it really only feels like I'm gonna pay $10 or $20 total, aha),so that's nice. ^^
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's already almost ten PM, so I should prooobably go to bed for tonight. D:
I'll try to write more here tomorrow! uvu I'll be on again then for sure. owo
Night guys! :D