According to USPS the plushies I bought of Matthew and Louie are still in the US. xD

Whiiiich is very wrong, considering they've cleared customs and according to Canada Post, they're in Quebec. x'D But I'm still getting texts from USPS saying they're in Florida, which is really strange, and kinda funny, honestly? I dunno what it's doing.
But the estimated delivery date is Tuesday! :D So that's really cool. :3 I'm so excited to have them in my hands. :'D
I'm not sure how much I'll get written here tomorrow, since I'm going to the city for the night and I'm gonna be busy since I'm seeing Hedley, but I'll definitely get something written! ^.^
I'm probably going to bed for tonight now though, it's really late and I'm so close to falling asleep, whoops. ^^;
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D
Good night guys! X3