I’m about to leave for the city! uvu

Yesss. ^^ Melissa and I are just waiting for Mum to come pick us up from school, then we’re stopping to get our stuff and then leaving! :o 

So I figured I’d write this now, since I’m probably gonna be pretty tired tonight and we’re gonna be out late. xD 

We’re gonna do some shopping while we’re in the city too, so that’ll be good! :o There’s some stuff I need that I can’t get around my town, so hopefully I find at least some of the stuff I need this weekend. 

Anyway, I don’t wanna use toooo much of my battery because I’m gonna be using my phone to take pictures tonight, and Mum’ll be here any minute, so I think I’m gonna stop writing for now. ;u;’ 

I’ll try to write some more here later if I have the energy, though! :D Either way I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure. ^^

Bye guys! :3