I'm exhausted, and honestly I barely even have the energy to type tonight. ^^;

Yeeeah. xD
Just with the excitement from last night, and then walking around stores and stuff today, and the drive home. ;u; It's definitely not a bad reason to be exhausted, though! x'D
I played so much Pokemon GO that my inventory is like two items away from being full, and I have over a hundred pokeballs and great balls now, which is a nice change from the less than thirty I usually have. :D I hatched like two eggs too, I think? And I'm close to hatching another one. :o
I bought a whole bunch of candy, and I bought some art stuff, and I have the Fire Emblem Echoes game now too, so that's really nice! ^.^
I really wish I could talk more here tonight but I really am like 100% out of energy, ehhh. D:
It's probably a good plan to go to bed about now, or at least just lay down and read or play a game or something before I go to sleep. ;u;
So I think I'm gonna do that, I'll definitely try to write more here tomorrow though, and if I'm on my laptop I'll try to post some pictures from last night! :D Either way though I'll definitely be on again tomorrow.
Good night guys! -w-