I kind of did basically nothing but play Devil Survivor today. xD

Whooops. ;u;' But yeah, I finally started the remake of the first Devil Survivor game, so I was playing that for most of today. :o I haven't played the original for this one in so long, but I still remember a little of the events that happen, which is kinda really surprising!
Other than that I did some laundry, but that's about the most significant thing I did today. 030 I pretty much just took today to do nothing since I'm still tired, and my head felt sorta weird when I woke up.
Speaking of that laundry, though, I need to put it away, and it's already almost ten thirty, so I should prooobably go do that. xD
I'll try to write more here tomorrow! :D I'll be on again then for sure. uvu
Night guys! ^^