YESSSS. :D I’m so happy, ahaha. xD 

It killlled me to have to wait to have them in my hands all week, but I finally have them! ^^ I didn’t have to pay anything in taxes and duties either, which was nice. ovo

On an unrelated note, I guess one of the international students at school wrote up a “kill list” as a joke (not really a good joke in any sense of the word, though, especially when some people took it seriously), like he had written names down to remember them and stuff and thought it would be funny to write “kill list” at the top and write “tried” next to some of the names. .3. None of the thirteen people on the list were really bothered by it, but a bunch of other people at school were, and the police were involved and everything, and just holy crap. :o It’s really not something I ever expected to happen, but here we are, I guess. xD 

Anyway, it’s already almost ten thirty, so I think I’m gonna go to bed for today. ;o; 

I’ll be on again tomorrow, though! :D So I’ll try to write more here then. 

Good night guys! uvu