I have an off class second period tomorrow and I’m kinda considering just buying ice cream. xD

Yeaaaah. xD I bought Dairy Queen for lunch on Friday, and I still have gift cards to use, so depending on the weather and what I end up feeling like I might just walk up and buy myself a sundae or maybe a milkshake or something. :o 

Today was pretty noneventful in all honesty, except for going through some bins of stuff in the cubbies in the living room here. 030 It was just that kinda day, I think? I just didn’t feel like doing anything, whoops. And now I’ve gotta get up a little earlier to have a shower in the morning, and I was supposed to clean the bathroom this weekend too, so I’ll have to do that on Wednesday when I’m back here at Mum’s. ;v;’ 

I’m probably just gonna go to bed for tonight now, though, since it’s almost eleven and I’d like to try to make it suck as least as possible when I wake up in the morning. x’D 

I’ll definitely be on again tomorrow, though! :D

Good night guys! ^.^