In other news, I almost got hit by a car yesterday. ;v;'

Yeaaah. xD I meant to talk about this last night, and then I took cold medication and felt super weird, so that didn't happen.
Buuut I went up to Tim Horton's from school with Jayden, since it's a really short walk, and he wanted coffee so I went along for the ride. And that was all fine and good, until we got to the intersection. :o We got halfway across and this car just sTARTED TURNING TOWARDS US AND DIDN'T SYOP. ;V; Like if I hadn't sped up I probably would've been hit. D:
What gets me is that there was enough time for another group of two people to cross the street before we did, aaand the little man was still on the sign so we were definitely still in the right to be crossing. .3. Jayden saw the lady driving the car, and apparently she looked really angry? Like sorry we were in your way. xD
It's scarier to think about after the fact though, at the time my mind sorta subconsciously went "nah. They're not gonna do it. They're not gonna hit me.", whoops. ;v;'
But I mean it's all good, so that's definitely good at least! :o
And now in other other news, school was cancelled at eleven today, so I only had two classes. x'D If I had've had my free and art for the two classes I would've just stayed home since we knew it was gonna be an early dismissal. We did literally nothing in geography though, which I had first class, all we were supposed to do was work on the assignment from yesterday, but I (and most of the rest of our small class that was here today) had already finished it, so I spent the entirely class on my phone, basically. And then in art we were working on this banner that we're making for a school that had a bunch of gross racist graffiti painted on the school and the buses recently. :o
Aaaand that about sums up my day! xD Other than that I just watched Thomas stream for a while, and then Mum came home with food for supper, so we watched tv and now here we are. ^^
I'll be at camp tomorrow night (unless the roads are really bad, in which case we'll probably go Saturday morning instead), so I'm not sure how long an entry I'll get written, but I'll definitely write something! uvu
I'm probably going to bed for now, though, since it is starting to get late. quq
Like I said though, I'll be on again tomorrow! ^-^
Good night guys! :D