The wifi being horrible has BEGUN. xD

YES. ;V; Unfortunately. xD 

I have phone data this year though, so I won’t have to only rely on the atrocious wifi, which is nice. :D 

We’ve been here at camp around an hour and a half now. :o It looks like Bree is gonna be here since her name is on the list of people in the room Melissa and I are staying in, so that’s nice! ^^ I’m excited to see her, ahaha. xD

It’s pretty gross outside though, and the roads were pretty bad, so it wouldn’t surprise me if not everyone is here tonight and just comes tomorrow instead. :o 

I’m not doing anything significant right now, so I figured I’d get something written here while I wasn’t doing anything! ^.^ To take a guess it’ll probably be busier in a little bit, once registration is over and everything, I think. 

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon GO already, since I’m basically on top of a pokestop in our room here, which is nice. x’D 

Honestly, I’m probably just gonna go back to doing that for now, since I’m not super sure what else to say here tonight. ;v;’ 

So I’m gonna go do that! xD I’ll definitely be on again tomorrow, though. :3

Bye guys! ^.^