Tonight is my last night here and I’m saaaad. xD

Yeaaaah. ;v; 

The dance was tonight though, and that was a lot of fun! :D I was so tired afterwards though that I was actually shaking pretty bad and I didn’t feel real, whoops. xD I’m doing better now though, but the backs of the bottoms of my legs hUUUURT. D: 

We did a dance to the Mull River Shuffle like we always do, where we all go into a big circle and spend a lot of time standing and clapping to the beat while people, whether they’re alone or in groups, dance in the middle. Aaand I sorta kicked my anxiety into oblivion briefly, because I decided I want to go out with a BANG since this year’s my last session here unless I start helping out somehow, and I maaaaybe completely totally 100% dragged Rory along for the ride and hauled him by the arm into the middle of the circle. xD Destiny came too for like three seconds (I think Rory might’ve dragged her along honestly) and this other guy I know a liiiittle, Aidan came too. :D 

I stepped on my own foot three times just in the middle of the circle alone, and I maaaybe made my toe bleed a little too, oops. But it’s all good, ahaha. 

When we went back to the outside of the circle Rory just went “I DID NOT ENJOY THAT” but he had a grin on his face so he definitely wasn’t mad (and I texted him to say I was sorry if I’d upset him at all since I was sorta worried I might’ve but it was fine, I just startled him, which is totally fair considering I did it completely on impulse aha). I don’t think he was 100% completely against it either because I told him he hadn’t resisted enough and he said something about his shoes being wet and having no grip because he’d been outside right before that (WHICH HE HAD, he and a bunch of his friends from school ran a lap around the building which was hilarious), but then I pointed out I’m reeally not strong and he just went “THAT’S FAIR”. xD 

Honestly the only reason he ended up next to me at all was because I put my hand up and caught his attention when he came back inside and left space for him and Destiny and a few of their other friends. :o

I almost dIED at the end of the dance though because when we all held hands and ran in towards each other and back out again, we backed up too far and I hit the chairs against the wall and ended up sitting on one, whoops. I almost did it the second time too, but Rory moved his arm so it was more against the back of my arm and warned me so I didn’t fall again. xD

I also shared glowsticks with them, too! :D I went out with ten on my wrists, and ended up offering some to Rory and Destiny and their friends. I basically just put my wrists out and let them take what they wanted, ahaha. 

So that was tonight’s adventure! ^.^ There was a little more to it, but I’m gonna try to talk about it tomorrow night instead, because it’s almost eleven thirty, eeeh. quq And I should definitely try to sleep sometime soon.

I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! ^-^ 

Good night guys! ovo