It’s been a RIDE of a weekend and I’m a weird mix of emotions. xD

YES. xD I’m sad because I left camp today and I can’t go back again as a student (buuut volunteering is an option which is definitely something!), and I had to leave my friends too. quq Everyone left rEALLY FAST this year and I didn’t get to say goodbye to my roommate Kylie, or Destiny, and I almost didn’t get to say goodbye to my other roommate Catherine or Rory either. ;v; I did get to say goodbye to Aiden without him almost leaving though, but only because he’s staying another two days for whatever reason? xD

And I mean I’m happy that I went and stuff too, and that I made friends with Aiden, who’s a regular at the camp and I’ve interacted with him a little before but not a lot before this year. :o And I reconnected with Rory and Destiny, and made friends with Kylie and Catherine too! 

Aaaaand I’m sorta just a complete mix of confusion and shock (mostly shock now though?) because I got home to Dad’s and he took Melissa and I into the garage and SURPRISE, THERE’S AN ENTIRE OTHER VEHICLE HERE. 

And so I have a car now? xD Which is super unexpected but really cool, aha. The only thing wrong with it is this big crack in the windshield from a rock chip that SPLIT right across it but I think Dad’s gonna get that replaced. :o It’s an ‘06 and the stereo doesn’t have any way to connected my phone to it at all, just radio/CD/your basic stuff, but I have a ton of CDs so it’s fine. ^^ I think Dad wants to get some used stereo thing, though, which would also be cool. xD

Anyway, I’m sorta just out of words for what I wanna say tonight at this point, whoops. ;v;’ I’m kinda just really tired, aha. So I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight, but I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Good night guys! ^^