My head felt really weird earlier. ;o;

Yeaaaah. qoq It was an almost dizzy feeling? But not quite outright dizzy. I dunno, it was more just off-balance than anything, it was super weird, ehhhh. quq 

And then I was sorta almost headachy for a while, but it wasn’t really an outright headache either? ;v; I dunno what I’m going through. It might be because I’m tired, though? Either way I’m not staying up a whole lot later. 

Today was better than yesterday was, but I didn’t eat well again today because my appetite is just nonexistent, and I barely even left my room, ehhh. I did my best, though. ;u;

I think I’m gonna get off for tonight now though, since I am pretty tired and my head is still a little weird. D: 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow, though! I’ll be on again then for sure. ;v; 

Night guys! :o