I had two tests today. quq

Yeaaaah. ;v; I had a chemistry test first class, and then a geography test third class. Both were about the size of a quiz though, so that’s an upside at least. uvu 

Other than that the most notable thing I did today was go to walmart in pyjama pants tonight because I already had pyjamas on and didn’t feel like changing back when basically nobody would be around anyway, so ehhhhh, it was fiiiiine. xD 

Anyway, I’d write more here tonight, except I didn’t really do anything else worth mentioning today. ;v;’ Aaand it’s almost ten PM anyway, so I’m going to bed kinda soon, and I have to get off for tonight anyway. 

I’ll be on again tomorrow though, so I’ll try to write more when I’m on then! :D

Night guys! ^^