I reconnected with my friend Adam! :D

Yes! :D So that’s pretty cool, especially considering it’s been basically two years since we last saw each other, and he always used to call me “Boop” because he was bad at remembering names, aha. xD We follow each other on instagram now, though, and we’ve been talking since this morning, so that’s really nice! :o 

I’m really happy he remembers me at all, honestly, I wasn’t sure if he would since it’s been so long and he told us he wasn’t so great with names. :o 

Aaand that’s today’s highlight, honestly! Nothing else significant really happened today except I went for a walk on my free and ended up walking almost like three kilometres total. ;v;’ I didn’t really mean to walk that much, but it happened, aha. xD Ah well, I didn’t feel like being in the school and I definitely achieved that, so that was good! 

Anyway, I think I’m gonna get off for tonight since it’s almost ten PM and I’m gonna be up pretty early since I’m at Dad’s. ;v; 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow, though! ^^ I’ll be on again then for sure. :3

Night guys! ^.^